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This website serves as a place to share translations of original Sanskrit Scriptures belonging to the special branch of Krama Shaivism, called Mahānaya --lit. The Great Way--.

About the title of this website

Mahānaya stands for probably the latest phase of Revelation, which belongs to the Tradition of Kālīkrama --i.e. the Process of Kālī--, that has the Kramasadbhāvaḥ for its āgamic authority, of which specialty is the Doctrine of the Sixty-four Siddha-s and Yoginī-s.

The explanation of this doctrine is called the theory of the Vṛndacakram --i.e. the Wheel of the Multitude--. Moreover, the unique characteristic of this branch of Krama Shaivism is the fivefold cycle of the Goddess, culminating into Bhāsā or Supreme Light.

The Kramasadbhāvaḥ calls this Tradition 'Mahārtha' or 'The Great Doctrine or Meaning', though the later Scriptures of Its interpretation, -written by Sages-, are uniformly known as 'Mahānayaprakāśa' - 'The Light of the Great Way' (counting three texts). The real meaning of this important term is hidden in the study of these Scriptures, hence this website, dedicated to Its secret, bears the name Mahānaya.

The 'Teachings' section contains David Durvāsas' own Sanskrit works.


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